GER to GER GEOtourism Mongolia – Mongolia, Horse, Treks, Live Like a Local

GER to GER is a Social Enterprise Tour Operator in Mongolia that does “Good”. Via live like a local experiences, nomadic horse treks, homestays and many other travel services – locals make money – it’s AWESOME being good humans!

GER to GER Offers:

  1. Active Outdoor Adventures; Horseback, Trekking, etc.
  2. City Experiences with “Real Masters” of the Arts!
  3. Nomadic Experiences with  Culture & Adventure!
  4. Overland Expeditions with Guides, Drivers, Camps, etc.!
  5. Educational Experiences that Benefits The Disadvantaged


Small groups, active adventures (off-road 4×4 expeditions, horseback riding, trekking, etc.), educational trips for schools, specialized live like a local experiences, cultural homestays, wild camping, bird watching, photography trips and much more!

1. LIVE LIKE A LOCAL (Nomad)! adventures

“Experiencing Cultural Fengshui by Exploring Cultural Diversity”

GER to GER cultural adventures are an “in-depth self exploration of reality” that will take YOU across vast deserts, mountainous river valleys, incredible steppe lands, and even across Ulaanbaatar City to explore the imperfect perfections of nomadic and urban lifestyles.

You’ll have 100% REAL.cultural adventure experiences as some of our nomadic families are traditional while others are meshing their lifestyles with today’s world; it’s a REAL.mix of families who are both shy and distant as well as full of energy and hospitality…  YOUR goal is to experience both, try to comprehend and navigate these mixed environs skillfully like Marco Polo – well at least try too – YOUR experiences within these very basic tribal environs greatly depends on YOU.

 REAL.geographic adventures

GER to GER packaged trips are focused on bringing YOU close to the country’s heartbeat across Mongolia comfortably; YOUR trip will be outfitted with a guide, driver, Ger lodges, etc. All our trips have been designed with the goal of journeying to the most sought out Geographic, Historic & Culturally Significant Highlights that Mongolia has to offer within affordable price ranges. YOUR goal is to travel, explore, rest and enjoy Mongolia’s great outdoors!